1 Life Connected Image Cards

Deck 1 Now Available!

What is the value of using images to share our thoughts?  If we all thought in words, then we would all speak the same language.  This is obviously not the case as there are 100s of different languages around the world.  Often we think in images and pictures, which we then translate these feelings and thoughts into words.  This is especially true when the space involves our emotions. Emotions do not have words until we label them and that is because emotions come from a place deep within our mind tapping into our soul.

Answering a question through a picture can open an awareness to our emotions.  It also can be an ice breaker and make it easier to talk about a sensitive topic.  When we are talking about a picture it can feel less intimidating and easier for us to go into a place of vulnerability.  Pictures can also provide a starting point to begin a conversation, or allow for an awareness for different perspectives.  1 Life Connected often utilizes images in workshops for this reason.

These card decks have been designed to provide various images in which to utilize for yourself or in a team setting.  There are three decks all having different images.  When utilizing these decks in a team setting, ideally you want 1 deck per 10 people.  This will allow enough variation in images for people to feel they have enough choices.  If you are looking for some ideas of questions to engage with your team, please refer to the question suggestion link provided.  These decks are also to be utilized in “The Unspoken Life”  Book in a Box program available for team leaders Fall 2020. 

All Deck 1 is available for purchase for $38.95 directly through 1 Life Connected. Decks 2&3 available Summer 2020.


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