Please feel free to contact Dr. Pope to discuss opportunities to partner with her in helping to Connect Careers with Life’s Passion!

Coaching Services

Dr. Pope’s Coaching Services provide personalized, one-on-one support for both personal and professional growth. She specializes in the following:

  • Life in General
  • Interviewing Specific
  • Career Transitions
  • Speaking Events

Contracts with each individual is personalized and developed in partnership with Dr. Pope.  Frequency of meetings, expectations, and rates are determined during the enrollment meeting. Each individual can expect that the initial welcome meeting (set at time of enrollment) to take about 2 hours after which meetings generally run an hour.

Support can be provided in person (additional travel cost will apply) or over the phone.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Pope has spoken at a number of large national conferences VMX and other NAVC related events, WVC, AVMA related events, AAHA, and the Fetch series (previously CVC).  In addition she has supported a number of local VMA events as well as providing individual team support.  She welcomes any and all inquires.

Cost is variable and dependent on the size of the event, amount of time requested to speak, and topic(s). Please note additional topics are available and Webinar sharing options are available.

  • Starting that Journey to Our Individualized Authentic Sustainable Career in Veterinary Medicine.
  • The Unspoken Connection; How the Human Bond Can Both Hurt and Save Us in This Career
  • How to Manage Personal Emotions in Tough Conversations
  • Working in the Trenches; What 12 Mile Mud Runs Teach Us About Working in a Veterinary Hospital
  • Training for the Marathon We Call a Career in Veterinary Medicine
  • The 10 Tips on How to Become a Recovering Perfectionist
  • How to Not See Dr. Google as a 4 letter Word
  • When the Fearful Animal is You: How to Differentiate Perceived Threats From Real Danger
  • Diagnosing and Treating Frustration – Yours (With Seemingly Uninformed, Skeptical, or Unappreciative Pet Owners)
  • What Happen When Our Wellbeing Balloons Float Away or Just Plain Pop

Upcoming Events and Webinars

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Cost is variable and dependent on the size of the event and selected workshop.  Typically, workshop are shared over 3-4 hours.  Additional topics are available.

  • Finding Sustainability In Our Careers Within Veterinary Medicine
  • Discovering and Taming Our Inner Critic
  • The Violinist and the Veterinarian; How to Acknowledge Beauty and Value in Your Work – When Others May Not
  • One Team; Putting the Pieces Together in Staying Connected as a Team in Veterinary Medicine


  • The Unspoken Life; Building your Bridge to Connection (2-3 day retreat)
  • Rediscover Your Passion (1 day retreat)

In partnership with Julie Squires Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist of ReKindle LLC and Michael Linardi Professional Certified Coach of Halcyon Coaching.

Services are individualized and prices are based on an estimate between the individual/team and Dr. Pope.

Travel costs, which are in addition to the service fees, will be determined from Dr. Pope’s home base of San Diego, California and to be included in the estimate at time of booking.