“Energetic, honest and open with a unique way of connecting with the audience.”

“In August I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Dr. Pope-Robinson through the Power of Ten leadership academy. Throughout the sessions, Dr. Pope-Robinson focused on many aspects of personal well-being in the field of veterinary medicine. She was energetic, honest and open and had a unique way of connecting with the audience.

The topic that resonated with me personally was remembering and focusing on our ‘why.’ As a veterinarian, dealing with the daily stressors and managing work-life equilibrium can make it easy to lose sight of our ‘why.’ An illustration Dr. Pope-Robinson used helped me to visualize and recognize the things that bring me down (our ‘sinkers’) and how to embrace filling my balloons (the reason for our why.)  She used pictures and personal stories to relate easily to the audience.  As she spoke, I felt as though she was talking directly to me as a friend and colleague. I would highly recommend Dr. Pope-Robinson as a keynote speaker at any occasion as her message is truly inspiring and a positive outlook for individuals in veterinary medicine.”

Maggie Zink, D.V.M., OSU CVM Class of 2013

“Dr. PR’s presentation was wonderful!”

“Dr. PR’s presentation was wonderful! I’m still hearing references to “brown gauze moments”, which train people are on and filling balloons. Everyone took something good away from her talk and it definitely opened up some communication about what everyone needs to take care of themselves so that they can do their best. I wrote a short article touching on the “brown gauze moment” and things we can all do to avoid them for our newsletter and got some good feedback; both from people who attended her talk and those who wish they had. It will take a lot of retraining for people to think about what THEY need first but I think Dr. PR got everyone thinking and definitely talking!  I’d love to have her back and would recommend everyone listen to what she has to say. Unfortunately, we lost one of our referring Vets to suicide just last week-not sure of his motivation but it definitely sparked some more talk about her presentation.”

Norma Mayo, LVT, Technical Supervisor of VCA SouthPaws Veterinary
 Specialists & Emergency Center

“It was one of the best lectures I have attended.”

“I had the fortunate opportunity to hear Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson speak on work-life balance recently. It was one of the best lectures I have attended. I felt she was speaking directly to me and it was clear she made a connection with everyone in the audience. Dr. Pope used pictures and stories to deliver a powerful message. I lost my mother (who was a nurse) to suicide just after completing my veterinary residency program and have struggled at times to make sense of her loss. Hearing Dr. Pope speak on shame and guilt and the importance of finding your reason for being resonated deeply with me. Listening to her speak gave me clarity on some of the challenges my mom faced and was never able to overcome as well as challenges I am facing in my career. Dr. Pope’s message applies to all walks of life but is particularly relevant to those working medical professions and facing burn-out and compassion fatigue. The fact that Dr. Pope works in the veterinary profession means she understands the heartbreak of euthanasia, struggles with perfectionism, and the absolute need to find and maintain work-life balance. Dr. Pope’s lecture will change your life!”

Jennifer Graham, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian / Exotic Companion Mammal), Dipl. ACZM
Assistant Professor of Zoological Companion Animal Medicine Department of Clinical Sciences
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

“Kim has helped improve our customer service, staff satisfaction, and our bottom line.”

“Kim has been an important asset to our company’s growth since we met her nearly three years ago. Through communication training, she has helped our doctors and staff in multiple clinics understand how to communicate better with both clients and colleagues. By aiding in our knowledge of communication styles and helping us tap our natural empathy, Kim has helped improve our customer service, staff satisfaction, and our bottom line. Kim has also helped teach us about ways to become better leaders and to find balance in our work and life, which helps us be better at what we do. We look forward to having Kim work with us in the future as our company grows so that we can support satisfied and balanced doctors and staff. ”

Anthea Schick DVM, DACVD, Co-owner Dermatology for Animals

“We always think of her first.”

“We are so grateful to have worked with Dr. Pope-Robinson for the past several years. From one-on-one sessions, to group trainings, Dr. Pope-Robinson’s trainings are personalized, from the heart and speak to some of the root pain points in a veterinary practice. Each session is delivered professionally, confidently and with a true understanding of the audience.  We always think of her first.”

Erika Picciolo, Training and Development Coordinator at Veterinary Specialty Hospital

“She is a strong leader with a clearly focused passion for helping others find their true calling.”

“Real life in a veterinary clinic is messy and ambiguous. It can be stressful, particularly as a new graduate, to balance the drive to help animals with the realistic needs/wants of clients as well as family and home-life demands. It’s easy to lose one’s sense of self in the fray. I am a practicing veterinarian in a busy hospital and had opportunity to work closely with Dr. Kimberly Pope for several years in both a one-on-one setting as well as in leadership meetings. She is a strong leader with a clearly focused passion for helping others find their true calling. With her leadership and sense of connection she found thoughtful ways to challenge me without overwhelming, push without force and provide motivation at times when I so desperately needed it but didn’t know how to ask for help. Dr. Pope gracefully guided me to remember why I started this journey into the veterinary profession and kept me focused on that vision around all the other day to day distractions in the veterinary clinic. Having been a passionate new graduate herself, Dr. Pope has a strong understanding of the struggles faced by professionals as they enter the real world of veterinary medicine. She gave me tools to manage my stress and find balance in the chaotic world every doctor faces each day. As Dr. Pope follows her own vision she has remained a true friend who continues to encourage my growth both personally and professionally.”

Jessica McAfee D.V.M., UC Davis CVM Class of 2010

“These seminars were instrumental in improving the daily teamwork.”

“Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson provided our hospital staff and faculty a magnificent day of seminars on team building and how to know your teammate, be a good teammate, and recognize when your teammate needs assistance. It was very refreshing to see our staff begin to view their colleagues with a different perspective after these seminars. In a big place with many personnel these seminars were instrumental in improving the daily teamwork in the hospital. We hope to have Dr. Pope back in the near future to build upon the principles gained from these first seminars.”

Mark Neer DVM Diplomate ACVIM( Int. Med.), Professor and Director of the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital