1 Life Connected creates the space that gives people permission to find their unique path to career sustainability. It does not tell people what to do, instead it provides a framework that medical professionals can utilize throughout the various stages of their career.

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As veterinarians and caregivers, we sometimes feel dark and lonely—trapped by our obligations and the expectations of the world. We care for so many lives. Yet our own lives can feel unspoken for. In The Unspoken Life, veteran veterinarian and speaker Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson rebuilds the bridge from darkness to connection and shares how to:

  • Find balance between the negative and the positive
  • Harness the seven core principles of connection
  • Overcome challenges with empathy and humor
  • Recognize, embrace, and connect to life again

We don’t have to blame and judge ourselves for being in a dark place. We don’t need to be fixed. We are normal, loved, and wanted. More, we are in control, and we can move forward with our lives. We are one life connected. And we can cross that bridge back to connection, starting with just one step.


Kim Pope
Meet Kimberly Pope

Dr. Pope has been in veterinary medicine for over 20 years, practicing in both the large and small animal sectors. In addition she supported the position of a multi-unit manager for a large corporate practice and spent time in the pharmaceutical sector working with specialists and universities. Her career has provided her a unique understanding of the stresses involved with maintaining a career in this industry, and she now dedicates her time to providing wellbeing support for the profession through her company 1 Life Connected. She provides this support through 1 on 1 coaching, customized team events, and as a dynamic speaker.

In the end, Dr. Pope truly believes that we are all 1 Life Connected.

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I look forward to hearing from and working with you to find ways to help you connect your career with your life’s passion because in the end, we are all 1 life connected.