Artwork by Matt Salaiz

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The Unspoken Life Coloring Book

The Unspoken Life Coloring Book is a supplement resource to the book The Unspoken Life, Recognize Our Passion, Embrace Imperfection, and Stay Connected. This coloring book was created to help individuals start on their unique journey towards sustainability.

The Act Of Coloring And Our Well-Being
Allowing regular sessions of coloring is a habit that is not only fun, but can be very beneficial to our mental health.  When you partake in the act of coloring, you are focused on being creative yet engaging in a repetitive activity requiring an attention to detail. From this type of activity there are a number of well-being benefits, including:

  • Creating a Meditative State
  • Improving Focus
  • Engaging Motor Skills
  • Allowing for Creativity
  • An Opportunity for Reflection
  • Relieving Stress

Here are some examples from the coloring book. Feel free print them and start enjoying some coloring today.

coloring book sample
coloring book sample
coloring book sample