Image Card Decks

In keeping with the 1 Life Connected framework, these image cards and activities were developed to be utilized as a tool to help find our unique paths towards recognize, embrace, connect. To be a resource in navigating through the often-uncomfortable space void of language that is our feelings and emotions. Imagery activities can be utilized within both the individual and group settings. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Pope for guidance on the use of imagery in supporting our mental well-being.

Benefits to utilizing Imagery Activities Include:

  • Provide self-awareness
  • Perspective taking
  • Provide an area for engagement
  • Comfortable vulnerability
  • Room for creativity

Image Card Deck 1

Image Card Deck 1

Image Card Deck 2

Image Card Deck 2

Image Card Deck 3

Image Card Deck 3

Image Activity Workbook

Sample pages


If you elect to utilize image work with your team, having multiple decks of the same deck will give the variety needed for larger teams. Do ensure that you have 1 deck per 8 people.  That will allow for an adequate number of cards to support the size of the group.

Image Card Deck 1 50 cards (ANIMALS)
COST – $45.95 plus shipping
Description – This is a deck of 50 unique animal-based photographs.

Image Card Deck 2 50 cards (NATURE SCENES)
COST – $45.95 plus shipping
Description – This is a deck of 50 unique nature scene-based photographs.

Image Card Deck 3 50 cards (NATURE SCENES & ANIMALS)
COST – $45.95 plus shipping
Description – This is a deck of 50 cards with a mixture of animal-based and nature-based photographs.  All the photos in this deck are unique to the photos in Deck 1 and in Deck 2.

Image Card Deck Workbook
Free downloadable from website.
Hard copies cannot be purchased at this time.
Description – This workbook has 12 imagery activities to help engage around utilizing the image decks.

All 3 Image Decks
COST – $115.95 plus shipping
Description – This is to purchase 1 deck of all three different decks at a discounted rate. In doing so the purchaser will have 150 unique photos.  Cost savings $21.90.

What is the value of using images to share our thoughts?


If we all thought in words, then we would all speak the same language.  This is obviously not the case as there are hundreds of different languages around the world. We often think and feel in images and pictures, which we then translate these feelings and thoughts into words.  This is especially true when the space involves our emotions. Emotions do not have words until we label them and that is because emotions come from a place deep within our body tapping into our soul. 


Answering a question through a picture can open an awareness to our emotions.  It can also be an ice breaker and make it easier to talk about a sensitive topic.  When we are talking about a picture it can feel less intimidating and easier for us to go into a place of vulnerability.  Pictures can also provide a starting point to begin a conversation, or provide an awareness of different perspectives.  1 Life Connected often utilizes image work within lectures and workshops for these reasons. 


These card decks have been designed to provide various images to utilize for yourself or in a team setting.  There are three decks, all having different images.  When utilizing these decks in a team setting, ideally you want 1 deck per 8 people.  This will allow enough variation in images for people to feel they have enough choices.