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Total CE credits 5.5 hours
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Honoring Ourselves While We Honor The Veterinary Oath

Total CE credits 1.5 hours
We each come into this profession following and honoring the veterinary oath in our unique way.  Practicing and supporting the human animal bond in various aspects of veterinary medicine.  Along the way we often lose ourselves from the challenges and struggles of the space that is veterinary medicine. In this process many lose their drive to stay within the profession.  The goal to career sustainability is to provide a space that allows each individual to find their unique path to honor themselves while they honor the veterinary oath. To not be told what to do, more follow a framework to find longevity within the veterinary industry.  When we uniquely honor the veterinary oath and also commit to ourselves, we find excel as veterinary professionals and find longevity within the profession.  With this lecture, attendees will come away with an understanding on how to begin to find the path to honor themselves.   Allowing each individual to start the journey to live once again connected to the passion they hold close to their heart and then in doing so find their sustainability within the veterinary industry.

5 Objectives

  • To review and understand the current struggle that faces veterinary professionals in living a sustainable career within the vet med.
  • Provide a framework in which to allow focus in develop a unique path to sustainability.
  • Understand the 4 principles to follow in staying committed to stay connected within the veterinary industry.
  • Recognize that we are all normal and not alone in this struggle to find career contentment.
  • Become familiar with the individualized journey of the joined focus in honoring the veterinary oath and ourselves.

Finding Connection and Calm in Times of Challenge

Total CE credits 1 hour
There are moments in history where society as we know it changes forever.  Earthquakes and hurricanes have altered neighborhoods and building codes.  Man-made moments such as walking on the moon or the creation of the atomic bomb have created monumental cultural shifts throughout humanity.  In early 2020 the entire world started on the journey of living through a novel viral pandemic – COVID 19.  Disease pandemics are not new to the human race and examples include the black plague of the middle ages and the Spanish flu of 1918 where illness killed millions across the globe. Finding peace when living during an unprecedented time is challenging. Taking time to press pause and take a deep breath allows us each permission to find our unique path to serenity in our world during the event.  Taking the path to recognize where we are, embrace ourselves, and find connection helps us in our resiliency during these extremely difficult times.  This will also help us get ahead of wondering what will our world look post COVID 19. This webinar will share actionable steps that we can each take to help us along in this journey of uncertainty.  For even though we are isolating and practicing social distancing, we are all still 1 Life Connected.

4 Objectives

  • Provide language for the challenge of living through an unplanned obstacle.
  • Understand the many points of anxiety faced upon the veterinary professional during times of unplanned chaos.
  • Provide actionable steps to help move forward during times of uncertainty.
  • Understand the three aspects of controlling what we can control with the power of hope, presence and gratitude.

The Value of Taking a Bubble Break

Total CE credits 1 hour
Blowing bubbles is something I often enjoyed doing as a child, little did I understand the true value in the simple act of blowing bubbles. In the past during a large national conference, I created a space to allow others to join in on taking a moment to blow bubbles.  The feedback received from the event was powerful and there were 6 key areas discovered in which support our well-being in taking part in the activity.

  • Mindfulness
  • Concentration
  • Breathing
  • Community
  • Accomplishment
  •  Letting Go

The simple activity of blowing bubbles can provide individuals and teams with an easy way in which to connect to themselves and each other. Thereby helping to manage the challenges of the daily stress of working in a veterinary hospital.  In learning to share this resource we can all experience the value toward mental well-being in participating in fun yet simple activity of “Take a Bubble Break”.

5 Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of taking a break and what is does for our well-being.
  • Provide visibility to the challenges of taking breaks.
  • Define mindfulness and how this provides resilience to individuals and their careers.
  • Provide direction on simple mindfulness activities.
  • Understand the 6 points of value in taking time to blow bubbles for our well-being.

Managing Emotions in Difficult Conversations

Total CE credits 1 hour
There are multiple factors that need to be determined and shared during a conversation with a client when their pet is suffering with a difficult or complex medical situation.  These conversations can elicit a number of emotions from the veterinarian and their staff when attempting to support the client through a decision.  This presentation covers the traps that a team can fall into due to the emotions within themselves not being recognized and addressed during these conversations.  It will provide direction on how to partner with the client and shares ideas and tools with the audience to help manage the emotions related to these conversations.  While there is no right answer on how to have these conversations, this presentation helps to define the situation and allows the audience to recognize that we are all normal in our struggle and that true connection and acceptance of our own emotions is in fact the answer.

5 Objectives

  • Understand the dynamic that causes the emotions related to difficult conversations within veterinary medicine.
  • Provide knowledge to the traps individuals fall into in avoiding the emotions of difficult conversations.
  • Recognize the framework related to embracing the partnership relationship in navigating these conversations.
  • Embracing and connecting with the emotions related to the stress and frustration in having hard conversations with clients.
  • Realization that there is no one fix in this space, yet instead provide a path to start from as each conversation is unique.

How to Become a Recovering Perfectionist

Total CE credits 1 hour
Description: Perfectionism or high-achievement syndrome is a common trait of those that enter into the medical field, and the speaker has found this to be especially true in the veterinary industry.  This is a great personality trait to drive the individual through their schooling and training, however it is often not so great in providing them with a sustainable authentic fulfilling career.   This talk takes the audience through one veterinary professional’s personal journey of finding a way to accept her perfectionism tendencies.  This journey brought her to recognizing her personal shame and how to then develop shame resiliency.  The tips on how to become a recovering perfectionist literally saved her life and she wants to share them with the profession.

 5 Objectives

  • Understand the definition of perfectionism.
  • Become familiar with the concept of the positive aspects of being a perfectionist.
  • Become familiar with the concept of the negative aspect of being a perfectionist.
  • Recognize the path in helping to embrace all aspect of our individual space of perfectionism.
  • Finding that balance to connect to forgiving ourselves and others in our journey to embracing our perfectionism.