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Take a Bubble Break Benefits

Any activity that allows for small moments of mindfulness creates a space for our brain to reset and center within our surroundings and ourselves. Stopping to enjoy some bubbles allows for everything to stop. For that brief moment, there are just bubbles.

Building off of the idea of mindfulness, going through the process of stopping to focus on the act of blowing bubbles just slows us down. This allows our concentration to focus on the moment and supports the release of tension and anxiety.

As we allow our air to transfer from our bodies to the soapy solution within the wand, we develop a bubble that begins to float away. You can almost feel anxiety, frustration, anger, disconnection or whatever emotions that are bothering us go with the bubble. Then just as quickly as the bubble appears, it pops and with that the energy is released from us.

As expected, a group of people blowing bubbles in a public space attracts attention. This sparks others to join in and allows for an instant connection with friends and strangers alike. Regardless of who we are or where we came from, we can connect over bubbles.

As we each work to get the technique down for getting that perfect bubble, we become excited to see our own and other’s bubbles develop. Such a small act and yet it feels so satisfying. The act of creating a bubble allows our brains to have a feeling of completion which our mind craves.

Blowing a bubble with short shallow breaths is extremely difficult if not near impossible. Going through the process of taking a deep breath and focusing our attention on the wand as we exhale allows us to focus on our breath. This allows us to once again reconnect with ourselves and our bodies.