“Dr. Pope is a fantastic speaker”

I had the pleasure of attending a Two part lecture on polarity at Connexity, the new AAHA conference. Dr. Pope is a fantastic speaker and really drives home the concepts of what drags us down on a daily basis and what has the opportunity to bring us back up. Managing our day-to-day expectations not only from family, clients, ourselves, and our environment can be a taxing event. Dr. Pope really drove home how to recognize what brings you down and what helps you come back up. She helped to recognize all factors use that knowledge to your benefit to ensure you have enough items and place to bring you above the ocean of shame. This then allows us to continue on with our life and a productive and happy manner. I encourage every anyone to either read her book or attend her lecture as it’s incredibly powerful and opens your mind to all the influences around you.

Dr. Ines Allin BSc, DVM, CCRT, owner of Allin Veterinary Professional Corporation

“She was able to instantly gain our trust”

Dr Kimberly Pope-Robinson did an outstanding job presenting on Compassion Fatigue for a Veterinary Medicine Association meeting in August 2018. She was able to instantly gain our trust as she explained the various roles she had in the profession and the eventual learning that brought her to where she is today. Using lots of humor and stories from her life, she was able to explain a very difficult topic that most people don’t want to hear. By using science, visual aids and industry knowledge to explain her points; I now understand why we do what we do (sinkers), and how we can find our way out (balloons). One of my favorite points she made was that two people can experience the exact same event and come away from it with completely different responses. There is not one single way for everyone to overcoming their challenges. I highly recommend her for any speaking event or 1:1 session as she will provide you with tools you can use right after the meeting.

Patrick Dubois
Veterinary Pillar Regional Manager
Royal Canin USA

“Dr. Pope helped us understand”

CVCA’s vision is to provide the highest level of service and care in veterinary cardiology. We live by our values and strive for continuous improvement in everything that we do. Compassion, excellence and integrity are values that can sink us or lift us up, and Dr. Pope helped us understand that we can choose not to feel weighted by the pressures of achievement or fatigued by empathy. Instead, we can honor personal development and embody work life harmony by making small changes to create happiness through our daily behaviors.”

CVCA Louisville

“Dr. PR’s presentation was wonderful!”

“Dr. PR’s presentation was wonderful! I’m still hearing references to “brown gauze moments”, which train people are on and filling balloons. Everyone took something good away from her talk and it definitely opened up some communication about what everyone needs to take care of themselves so that they can do their best. I wrote a short article touching on the “brown gauze moment” and things we can all do to avoid them for our newsletter and got some good feedback; both from people who attended her talk and those who wish they had. It will take a lot of retraining for people to think about what THEY need first but I think Dr. PR got everyone thinking and definitely talking!  I’d love to have her back and would recommend everyone listen to what she has to say. Unfortunately, we lost one of our referring Vets to suicide just last week-not sure of his motivation but it definitely sparked some more talk about her presentation.”

Norma Mayo, LVT, Technical Supervisor of VCA SouthPaws Veterinary
 Specialists & Emergency Center

“It was one of the best lectures I have attended.”

“I had the fortunate opportunity to hear Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson speak on work-life balance recently. It was one of the best lectures I have attended. I felt she was speaking directly to me and it was clear she made a connection with everyone in the audience. Dr. Pope used pictures and stories to deliver a powerful message. I lost my mother (who was a nurse) to suicide just after completing my veterinary residency program and have struggled at times to make sense of her loss. Hearing Dr. Pope speak on shame and guilt and the importance of finding your reason for being resonated deeply with me. Listening to her speak gave me clarity on some of the challenges my mom faced and was never able to overcome as well as challenges I am facing in my career. Dr. Pope’s message applies to all walks of life but is particularly relevant to those working medical professions and facing burn-out and compassion fatigue. The fact that Dr. Pope works in the veterinary profession means she understands the heartbreak of euthanasia, struggles with perfectionism, and the absolute need to find and maintain work-life balance. Dr. Pope’s lecture will change your life!”

Jennifer Graham, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian / Exotic Companion Mammal), Dipl. ACZM
Assistant Professor of Zoological Companion Animal Medicine Department of Clinical Sciences
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

“Kim has helped improve our customer service, staff satisfaction, and our bottom line.”

“Kim has been an important asset to our company’s growth since we met her nearly three years ago. Through communication training, she has helped our doctors and staff in multiple clinics understand how to communicate better with both clients and colleagues. By aiding in our knowledge of communication styles and helping us tap our natural empathy, Kim has helped improve our customer service, staff satisfaction, and our bottom line. Kim has also helped teach us about ways to become better leaders and to find balance in our work and life, which helps us be better at what we do. We look forward to having Kim work with us in the future as our company grows so that we can support satisfied and balanced doctors and staff. ”

Anthea Schick DVM, DACVD, Co-owner Dermatology for Animals

“We always think of her first.”

“We are so grateful to have worked with Dr. Pope-Robinson for the past several years. From one-on-one sessions, to group trainings, Dr. Pope-Robinson’s trainings are personalized, from the heart and speak to some of the root pain points in a veterinary practice. Each session is delivered professionally, confidently and with a true understanding of the audience.  We always think of her first.”

Erika Picciolo, Training and Development Coordinator at Veterinary Specialty Hospital

“She is a strong leader with a clearly focused passion for helping others find their true calling.”

“Real life in a veterinary clinic is messy and ambiguous. It can be stressful, particularly as a new graduate, to balance the drive to help animals with the realistic needs/wants of clients as well as family and home-life demands. It’s easy to lose one’s sense of self in the fray. I am a practicing veterinarian in a busy hospital and had opportunity to work closely with Dr. Kimberly Pope for several years in both a one-on-one setting as well as in leadership meetings. She is a strong leader with a clearly focused passion for helping others find their true calling. With her leadership and sense of connection she found thoughtful ways to challenge me without overwhelming, push without force and provide motivation at times when I so desperately needed it but didn’t know how to ask for help. Dr. Pope gracefully guided me to remember why I started this journey into the veterinary profession and kept me focused on that vision around all the other day to day distractions in the veterinary clinic. Having been a passionate new graduate herself, Dr. Pope has a strong understanding of the struggles faced by professionals as they enter the real world of veterinary medicine. She gave me tools to manage my stress and find balance in the chaotic world every doctor faces each day. As Dr. Pope follows her own vision she has remained a true friend who continues to encourage my growth both personally and professionally.”

Jessica McAfee D.V.M., UC Davis CVM Class of 2010

“Honest, open and REALISTIC”

“Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson spoke at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine this past March to share her 1LifeCC message with students, faculty and staff on behalf of the Human-Animal Bond Club at OSU. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Pope last summer at the AVMA conference in San Antonia Texas where she introduced me to her mission; helping those in the veterinary field re-connect with their life’s passion while opening up about the struggles we face in this profession. I knew her message would resonate with the students at Ohio State on a personal level and was thrilled when she was able to speak to the school. I couldn’t have been more right! After her evening talk I received so much positive feedback regarding how Dr. Pope truly identifies with the difficulties we face as students entering the veterinary profession.

The students all said how they appreciated that she is honest, open and REALISTIC about what we may struggle with. Prior to her talk, we as students had heard hundreds of times to take care of our mental health, that veterinary school is grueling and to reach out if we need help. Dr. Pope puts into perspective the weight we carry in this profession and normalizes the burden we feel in The Unspoken Connection. Many of the students came up to me after the talk and said her perspective is so refreshing and that the school should have her come speak to the incoming first year students every year as part of our professional development course. Since Dr. Pope might not be able to speak at every vet school in the country, having her book The Unspoken Connection would be an excellent resource for students to turn to. I know all the students she reached during her talk would have loved to hear her message sooner and having her book available can make that possible.”