Who is Oscar?

Born with a passion to help others, and a keen sense for travel to spread his message, Oscar teamed up with Dr. Pope in 2015. While staying at the eclectic Kimpton Inn – Seattle, and mentally preparing for her upcoming Hot Chocolate run, Dr. Pope ran across the cuddly sea weasel fast asleep in his couch. Upon hearing his story from hotel staff, Dr Pope knew immediately Oscar was destined to be her lifelong friend and travel companion.

Since teaming up, Oscar has joined Dr. Pope literally on the run, participating in over 5 tough mudders and a multitude of ½ marathons that have crisscrossed the country. Oscar is said to be an international man of mystery – of sorts – visiting must see hotspots including Canada, Bermuda and The Bahamas! He is a key motivator for Dr. Pope while she is on the road (and at home) spreading the 1Life message. Oscar is often seen on stage or very nearby while Dr. Pope is sharing the message of life’s passion with others and he prides himself most through #fillingmyballoons.

Ask Dr Pope for a sticker next time you see her!

Matthew Salaiz
Lead Concept Artist

Matthew Salaiz is a California native and at an early age he developed the talent for oil painting. His creative mind and artistic talents were cultivated throughout his younger years and along the way he discovered his passion for veterinary medicine. Entering the veterinary field at the age of 14, he since has dedicated his life to the profession and has supported several veterinary practices along the way. Currently he is a practice manager for a corporate based veterinary practice in Northern California.

Throughout his career he has witnessed first hand the emotional toll that the field can bare on those that dedicate their lives to the industry. With that knowledge he joins the 1 Life Connected movement in working to help others find their unique path to sustainability. He does this through his artistic talents and broad knowledge of the challenges within the veterinary profession.

Matthew can attest to the woes of the “sinkers” and truly finds joy in the “filling of his balloons” through art, music and outdoor adventures. He believes that through self compassion and empathy, we can find balance in our lives while embracing our unique personal struggles. He hopes his creative work will aid in the inspiration of mental health awareness and provide healing for all in the profession. His goal in being a part of the movement is to be a medium in working to spread the 1 Life Connected message within the industry.

Jimmy White

Jimmy White
Professional Button Pusher

Jimmy was born and raised on Florida’s West Coast, which he blames for his lifelong fascination with all things ocean-related.  He currently lives in Bradenton, Florida with his wife, Cindy, and their two “long-n-low” dogs, Ed and Richie.  He is currently a professional freelance photographer specializing in architectural and underwater imagery. He loves surfing, scuba diving, snowboarding and traveling in pursuit of these activities. His portfolio can be viewed online at www.jimmywhitephoto.com.

Maggie Zink, DVM
VP of Motivational and Technical Stuff

Maggie Zink, DVM supports 1Lifecc as the VP of Motivational and Technical Stuff. Dr. Zink joined 1Lifecc in August 2016 after connecting with Dr. Pope-Robinson through Power of Ten Leadership Academy. Dr. Zink’s role as VP of MTS includes a little bit of everything (proofreading, cheerleadering, strategizing, multimedia-ing.) One of Dr. Zink’s biggest accomplishments has been the completion of the 1 Life Connected video set. Her detail-oriented, perfectionist attitude is instrumental in the organizational aspect of 1Lifecc. Dr. Zink also carries the title of a full-time small animal veterinarian in Pennsylvania and enjoys sharing the 1Lifecc message with the veterinary industry.

Deb Foley
Website Designer

Deb enjoys helping business owners create new opportunities for growth by expanding their web presence. After leaving a career as an Information Systems Manager, she transitioned into developing websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She enjoys problem-solving and the challenge of determining and implementing strategies for long term success. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, including their rescue dog, Pancake.